Superficial is the New Black

‘Clueless’ is a great coming of age film about a girl finally realizing that there are more things to life than shopping. Featuring Alicia Silverstone at the height of her Aerosmith fame, the late Brittany Murphy, and the does-he-ever-age Paul Rudd, the movie is endless quote-fodder for anyone who grew up in the ’90s, yours […]

6 Fierce Women You Absolutely Need to Know Right Now!

Sangita Iyer, Film/Journalism: Sangita is the kind of idealistic journalist who only exists in our imaginations these days. I’m so inspired by her relentless passion and honest voice in saving temple elephants through her brilliant 2016 documentary ‘Gods In Shackles’.   Rytasha Rathore, Acting: She’s punching all those stale ‘man’-made stereotypes in the balls. She’s […]

Drawing Time-Lapse Video

  Its been the perfect weather to stay in and curl up on the couch with a hot cuppa and a book. I’ve always wanted to make a time-lapse video while I draw and I just did it thanks to the innumerable Cauvery-related Bangalore strikes lately. Usually, it takes hours, even days for me to […]

Do You Have These 5 Millennial Traits?

I’m a millennial at heart. I love personalized appreciation and constant and instant recognition for what I do, even if it means one line from the CEO. I need to feel valued. I want flexibility in how I work and don’t like answering 101 questions for simple work-from-home permissions. Classic millennials are defined roughly as […]

An Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

One of my favorite parts of every Hindu festival is going shopping for flowers and fruits in a bustling market. And one of my favorite Hindu festivals is of course Gowri Ganesha Habba. For the past three years, we pre-ordered our Ganesh visarjan idol from the Eka store. They get these beautifully hand crafted, clay […]