13 Ways To Keep The Child Inside You Alive

November 14, 2018 0 Comments

You and I both know what it is like to be a child. After all, we’ve been there once!
But do you ever wish you could go back to being a child? I do. Who wouldn’t want to be carefree and optimistic right?

As grown ups, we burden ourselves with jobs, EMIs, paying bills, worrying about our health, daily commute and so many other responsibilities, that it becomes so easy to forget our inner child who once dreamed big dreams. We develop an ever growing suspicion of the world that we live in, a world that can never be taken on face value and certainly not trusted. We lose or hide our wide-eyed innocence and naivete, become incapable of enjoying uninhibited joy and turn our lives into one big competition or to-do list instead.

But life can be so joyful! If you think your inner child is lying suppressed, it’s time to get back in touch. It’s time to rouse that inner child from its deep slumber and reclaim the joy and beauty you once saw in the world.
Make sure to check all 13 tips off this inner child list every other day and you’ll thank me for it.

13 Ways To Keep The Child Inside You Alive

Happy happy Children’s Day!