12 Reasons I Love Working With Children

I recently hosted a sold out 2-day arty kids Easter activity workshop in association with VR Bengaluru called ‘Easter Eggstravaganza’. Activities included Egg Bunting, Pin the Bunny’s Tail, Egg Painting & Easter Egg Hunt along with a massively popular photo booth and bunny kissing booth. In addition, I collaborated with Muji to conduct in-store Easter children’s art workshops – Sapna Dube X Muji : ‘Make it yourself : Tote Bag Design Workshop’ on March 31st & April 1st 2018 at VR Bengaluru, Whitefield Road, Bangalore. 

This is a 6.1 minute photo reel of one of the best Easters I’ve ever had. And, I think the kids loved it too. Definitely going to be doing more arty things with little people because I love them to bits. 

I can think of a thousand reasons I enjoy working with children. For one, they don’t read between the lines and are largely untainted by the world around. Unlike grown ups who carry bags under their eyes and lug their baggage around everywhere, children are a clean slate, a tabula rasa filled with curiosity, openness to new experiences and a thirst for learning.

I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being surrounded by children and guiding them towards creativity, exploration, independence and free thinking as opposed to filling their heads with preconceived notions and ideological boundaries.

On the other hand, I learn how to be more spontaneous, happier, more forthright and honest and get back in touch with the current culture from children from the latest music, fashion, lingo, video games, cartoons to the coolest apps for iPads and phones.

What I love the most about them is that you never have to second-guess what they say: they’re not vindictive and don’t have double standards. I think kids are adorable!

Since I find working with children to be so rewarding, fun, and just plain amazing, I thought I’d make a note of the top 12 reasons I love working with children:

1. Honesty
2. I get to play
3. It’s good exercise
4. They make me smile and laugh…a lot
5. I get fresh perspectives
6. I get inspired by all that creativity
7. I learn to be open to new experiences
8. I see the power of saying yes
9. I can just be myself
10. I feel very positive about the world’s future
11. I completely lose track of time
12. I learn to trust more

Thanks for reading!

For more details about the activities at Easter Eggstravaganza, please see this link : http://sapnadube.com/easter-vr-bengaluru/