A DIY Guide To Creating A Buddha Zen Garden

I’ve always wanted to have an outdoor space that looks green, serene and makes me feel zen. I’ve admired the tons of pictures of a Buddha-themed garden on my phone for ages now. I took my time seeing, observing, reading, creating a plan and  picking the right stuff that finally brought my dream garden to fruition. […]

4 Great Reasons To Join A Book Club

I’ve always loved reading. Books enrich our lives in many ways. They can help us unwind and recharge, provide strength and encouragement during difficult times, and provoke feelings of empathy, anger, delight, and sadness. As I’ve grown older, I lean towards reading more non-fiction, biographies and memoirs. But there’s always room for some good fiction.  […]

Superfoods To Make You Feel Super

Does anyone remember that awkward scene around the dinner table from the 1999 movie ‘Notting Hill’ where this pigtailed girl who Hugh Grant’s character William Thacker is set up with introduces herself as a Fruitarian? Keziah : No thanks, I’m a fruitarian. Max : I didn’t realize that. William : And, ahm: what exactly is […]

Happy Diwali

Diwali is not just a time when people clean, declutter, illuminate and decorate their homes. It can also be a time for reflection, a time to re-visit and judge impartially, ones thoughts, actions and words and to rid oneself of the darkness and negativity that dwells within. As lamps and fireworks illuminate different corners of […]

Happy Karva Chauth 2019

It’s Karva Chauth today and I’ve got Mehndi on my palms this year too and going to be on an all-day fast. No water even! And going to break the fast at moonrise which is expected at 8:40 pm in Bangalore today. Phew! That’s a good 24-hour fast. The things people do for love! Apart […]